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The exhibition “Champ de Simulation” by Ako Atikossie is the first episode of Inside Artphilein at La Piscina, Paradiso-Lugano.
With Inside Artphilein, the Foundation offers our guest artists a multiform space to express, display and explain their projects and intentions in total freedom. Artists may choose one or more works from the Artphilein collection with which to dialogue and to compare.

For this Inside Artphilein, the Foundation called upon the Togolese artist Ako Atikossie. Atikossie’s painting practice has always dialogued with three-dimensionality and his experimentation with matter. It is characterised by the use of the minus sign, which intertwines and overlaps in infinite parallel or converging lines, in a weaving that forces the material to make continuous changes.

“The surface of the canvas is never a barrier; it is a dynamic dimension that I intend to cross in an attempt to discover the characteristics of the elements that make up the universe in order to bring them into dialogue with our contemporary condition, made up of geopolitical and environmental crises and technological transformations” - Ako Atikossie

On the occasion of the exhibition, Artphilein Editions releases the first volume of Inside Artphilein, which gathers images from the exhibition, backstage, and the artist’s studio, accompanied by texts by Caterina De Pietri and Samuele Menin.

Ako Atikossie (1980), born in Zalivé, Togo, currently lives and works between Milan and Lomè.
His recent exhibitions include: ‘Nascosti alla luce del sole’, Nashira Gallery, Milan (2023); Art Géneve with Gowen Contemporary Gallery (2022); ‘Urban environments and imaginary spaces’, Suburbia Contemporary, Barcelona (2021); ‘Confini identitari’, La Portineria, Florence - curated by Black History Month Florence; Premio Arte, Cairo Editore, Palazzo Reale, Milan (2019).