Artphilein's Purchase: Alessandra Calò

The De Pietri - Artphilein Foundation is pleased to announce the acquisition of two works from the project Fotoscopia by the Italian photographer Alessandra Calò.

Fotoscopia is the result of a research commissioned by Fotografia Europea, in collaboration with the hospital Santa Maria Nuova Arcispedale of Reggio Emilia, Italy. The entire project consists of 7 related works, exhibited as an illuminated installation of glass and wood.
Fotoscopia narrates the conquest of a better rate of life and the capacity to examine the most unfigurable microscopic space.
Mainly captured with the use of iphoneography, but printed using ancient methods, the photoscopic images of Alessandra Calò do not accept representing reality within the limits of digital distance. Rather, they go back in time until they recover the comfort of touch, the reliability of a skilled technique, like that of a doctor who understands touch, a surgeon who manipulates his scalpel with a technology that is full of compassion. To this degree of humanity, mass reproduction becomes impossible and each plate acquires an identity from drools, from the inevitable distortions indicating our humanity: representation takes the risk of being unique, marked by a personal fate. Neither doctor nor photographer can boast total cybernetic control; but the more fate targets the individual, more the city embraces them in its care.

Artist's website:
10 December 2016 - Acquisition
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