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To celebrate James Joyce, on the 99th anniversary of his novel ‘Ulysses’ (1922), photographer Leo Pellegatta and composer Nicolas Laferrerie present a multimedia installation and performance at Spazio Choisi 01 in which sounds, music and images evoke Joyce’s imagination.
‘Ulysses”s photographs follow in the footsteps of an imaginary and enigmatic journey, full of parallels with Joyce’s work and Homer’s ‘Odyssey’, and tell about some of the places still possessed by the presence of the Irish writer, in particular Trieste.
The music of Ulysses pays homage both to the musical sensitivity of the Joycean language and to the author’s fascination with the aquatic element. A string quartet, a piano and James Joyce’s voice seem to evoke an interior monologue, which melts into the electric clouds of the guitars, as if to outline the stream of consciousness of Joyce’s and Homer’s heroes.
On the occasion of the event at Spazio Choisi, the authors, in collaboration with Daniela Lorenzi (art printing house A14, Milan), present an artist’s edition inspired by the charm of optical instruments at the early years of the history of cinema.