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Photobook Let’s meet on a cloud of freedom


The recent past, since the Covid-19 emergency began, has highlighted our fragility in particular. Today, the pandemic is far from over, and we do not know when the blocks and restrictions, that have been put in place since it began and which affect our everyday lives will be lifted for good. Cultural activities (such as concerts, shows, exhibitions etc.), which at the best of times do not benefit from particular protection and support from the authorities, have now become a key target for particularly restrictive and inhibitive measures. Like previously for Non-Gasoline Stations (2020), with Let’s meet on a Cloud of Freedom Artphilein Editions once more decided to be pro-positive, to take a stand against these times of division and separation. The theme Let’s meet on a Cloud of Freedom covers three fundamental element’s: the meeting - ‘let’s meet’ - abstraction from a given territory - ‘cloud’ - and liberty - ‘Freedom’.

Artphilein Editions therefore called upon various artists to take part in a new collective project, which would take the form of a publication as well as a number of exhibitions. The artists were then asked to send us a relevant image (not necessarily of a cloud) and if they wished, a brief comment. The artists involved were also encouraged to pass on the invitation, so as to bring in other artist colleagues.

“Clouds are international; they have no interest in state sovereignty, juridical systems, national borders or flight spaces. Clouds are nomadic, apolitical, anarchical, ungraspable and uncontainable. And yet, despite their volatile and transitory nature, they are at the same time a tenacious and persistent presence in our visual experience.”
Caterina De Pietri