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Over the years, Artphilein has increasingly deepened its study, visual research and sharing of content on environmental issues: the exploitation of natural resources and the often complicated relationship that humans establish with planet Earth.

With Declinazione di scarti, Artphilein continues to raise awareness of these issues, with numerous initiatives, including a program of exhibitions and dossiers, whose theme is the exploitation of natural resources.

Artphilein dedicates 2023 to two specific topics, whose discussion is international and urgent, and which require meticulous attention: gas and oil – with exhibitions and the publication of a dossier – and regeneration, with the related competition Regeneration: a Future Perceived. Issues that are considered to be divergent, but now more than ever, require a shared vision and approach. In addition, to increase public awareness of these two issues, Artphilein collaborates with organisations and personalities with whom it shares a common vision: that of caring for planet Earth.

With the exhibition Declinazione di scarti by Gabriele Geminiani at Artphilein La Piscina, one of these precious alliances is consolidated and celebrated. Geminiani, an artist from Pesaro, is dedicated to the environment by means of all forms of art and publishing, and is at the forefront of sustainability-oriented practical initiatives such as the organisation of the San Marino and Montefeltro Green Festival.

The works on display, some of which were already part of the artist’s collection and private archive, exhibited in Lugano for the first time, are the result of the collecting and cataloguing activity to which Gabriele Geminiani has dedicated himself for more than forty years: he finds, preserves, rearranges and classifies the objects recovered from the sea, creating a veritable inventory of fragments, remembrances, excerpts from other lives, or past lives. Often, this is waste from gas and oil, only small portions of the approximately eight million tonnes of this oil by-product that unfortunately invades our precious water every year.

Every object that the sea returns to us preserves a past, but seemingly no future ahead of it. This is where the artist’s vision enters the picture, composing a new life for that scattered fragment. It doesn’t stop there: the object, that had been reduced to waste, is exalted into a form that is precisely the opposite, the finest object that man has ever created: the work of art. Gabriele Geminiani’s compositions are like treasure chests of past stories and memories, mingling in a symphony of hope for the future: it is possible for all things to transform and have a new beginning, nothing is finite.