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Vedersi nell'altro attraverso l'Arte Contemporanea

Veronica Barbato, Maroe José D'Aprile, Vittoria Fragapane, Alfonsina Sica, Kara Marie Trombetta, Mattia Zanforlin

Workshop curated by Mustafa Sabbagh. To understand the concept of antifragility of Nassim Nicholas Taleb we start with its opposite, fragility. A fragile system is continually exposed to risks that can damage or even destroy it. To protect a fragile system, behaviors or modifications are generally put in place to make it more robust. In this way, a concept of robustness and resilience is implemented. But robustness and resilience carry within them a major limitation: failure. A resilient or robust system is still the same as its fragile version, only it has "something extra" aimed at increasing its resistance, raising the level of its breaking point. In this exhibition, the six artists confronted their own fragilities, suffered the traumatic event and made it their own, finalizing their resilience and using it to improve themselves. If we think in nature, evolution is not based on protecting organisms, that is, making them stronger and more robust, but on change, new and more powerful organisms than the previous ones.