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Liquida grant

Giacomo Bianco, Marco del Zotto, Kety Duran, Riccardo Fasana, Lorena Florio, Sara Gentilini, Georgia Kontodimou, Elisa Moro, Carla Sutera Sardo, Alessandra Nicoletta Scoppetta

focus Artphilein welcomes to its exhibition space in Lugano the ten winning photographs for which the “Liquida grant” was awarded: a grant created to support the young talents of the first edition of the Liquida Photofestival in Turin: a prize and a showcase featuring the best proposals among those received for the creation of a collective exhibition. Promoting young photographic talents – a commitment shared by Liquida Photofestival and the De Pietri Artphilein Foundation – cannot overlook the need to convey new visual narratives as broadly as possible, thus restoring the power of the image in narrating the many faces of the contemporary world.