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T. S. Eliot once wrote “The journey, not the destination matters”.

«The contribution that Vittoria Fragapane wants to offer is a personal story of months in which the world and its daily life, with the lockdown, began to retread from an “outside” towards an “inside”. The public and private sphere, the exteriority of social relationships and domestic interiority seem to have levelled their edges, their margins, blurring into one another».
«And yet these photographs would appear to show the very ‘life’ of things in their being there, alone and at a distance, due to the epidemic containment measures».
«We need to remember the further element of nostalgia evoked by these shots: that for bodies, which the virtual nature of digital media, a dominant force in times of lockdown, has certainly brought closer and made more available, and at the same time, made more distant».
Matteo M. Paolucci