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“The prison system carries a stigma, particularly in Latin America, where it often becomes entangled with organized crime and survival strategies. However, even amid this challenging environment, the human spirit persists. Despite the adversity, including precarious living conditions and hunger, glimmers of hope and nobility emerge. In Venezuela, amid its enduring economic and political crisis, a unique connection unfolds as inmates form bonds with dogs, offering a profound reflection of humanity. In this unlikely relationship, prisoners find solace, purpose, and a sense of home, reminding us that even in the harshest circumstances, our capacity for compassion and connection can endure.” Pauline Perez

Through this visual research it is observed that the rescue of that humanity is much deeper, one of the reasons could be because that other being is not even of the same species and many times all that empathy that is lost between people, happens to be reflected and be alive in ensuring the welfare of the other, in this case, the dog, who is the protagonist of that work that reunites us as humans.

A special thank to Pro Helvetia, Kanton Bern, Bern Stadt for their support.