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This book has no explanation. It is a tale of the instinctive leap between two bodies. Our own, that of the chairs and the words that give us the magical sense of possessing life.

Connotations are daughters of this continuous obsessive observation and the effort to abstract a concept. It is my way of possessing the technique of beauty, of reading the marvellous soul of things and keeping the relationship open between form and spirit, flesh, wood, metal, resin and mortality. I would like to find a way, a word, that links our bodily existence with no distinction between soul, skin, form and muscles. The body today is a distant land of conquest, a new world from which to bear fruit. I imagine chairs, objects, school exercises, dances, architectures and writings because they are the path to the Impossible Answer. We are perhaps nothing more than the work we produce… Riccardo Blumer