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Artphilein Dossier 1 - Mining of Rocks, Minerals and Coal

Exploitation of Natural Resources 01

This first Artphilein Dossier presents the covers of the books from the Artphilein Library that deal with mining landscapes, extraction methods, mines both in service and disused, industrial and artisanal exploitation, working conditions, machinery, processing and the transformation of raw materials, as well as environmental and social impact.
The books, in alphabetical by title, are accompanied with typological info and texts by the curators Joerg Bader and Diego Stephani, sharing their impressions and considerations on this specific and very particular subset of the Artphilein Library.
The selection is an invitation to reflect on the natural resources, such as rocks, minerals and coal, to be found on every continent and exploited since ancient times.
The books can be online at