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Artphilein Dossier 5 - Nuclear Energy and Power

Photobooks from the Artphilein Library Text by Danilo Correale & photographs by Takashi Homma

This Dossier features an overview of various visual approaches to the subject of nuclear energy. The selection of books from the Artphilein Public Library continues the investigation begun with the first and third Dossiers into the ambiguities and contradictions inherent to the use and exploitation of natural resources.

Takashi Homma’s photographs accompany the publication: radioactive mushrooms initially collected in the forests of Fukushima, then in Scandinavia, Chernobyl and Stony Point, New York.

The exploration of nuclear landscapes is accompanied with a text by the artist Danilo Correale. He proposes an unprecedented reflection that takes shape from the darkness, from the cnditions in which an image is produced, far from the beaten track of dominant narratives.

The selection of books is available online at: Artphilein Library Exhibition